The Calzaghe Academy

Many of you will already know, sport has been a passion of mine throughout my life. From the early days of school cricket, tennis and hockey, to my teenage youth when I decided to take up every sport you can do on water.
So, when I got asked to film a promotional gym video – the ball was in my court.

Coming from an athletic background, it seemed to be a natural transition for me to film sporting events, gyms and anything to do with the coast of Cornwall. I made the move to South Wales almost three years ago and with that, surfing took a back seat. In Wales, along with anything rugby related, although there is little windsurfing in the South West, there is a sporting community. The name ‘Calzaghe’ may sound familiar to most, but in Wales, the ‘Calzaghe’ name is a treasured one.

Apart from a questionable home workout ‘boxercise’ class my girlfriend once made me do, my experience in the ring is minimal. Jabs were something we made in school to tease our fellow peers and a right hook was something I only feared from a prefect in the boarding house. The only time I’ve been KO’d is after a heavy night out, but with that being said, I thought I’d take my chances and visit the Calzaghe Academy to capture what happens in a professional boxing gym.

Joe Calzaghe is a Welsh boxing champion and winning all of his fights makes him officially undisputed. I was invited to the Calzaghe Academy here in South Wales to film a promotional video of the gym, to show how boxing is still very much alive in the small town of Newbridge.

Joe’s youngest sons, Joseph and Connor are head coaches at The Calzaghe Academy and hope to continue the legacy that their father and grandfather created. With their grandfather, Enzo Calzaghe being Joe’s trainer, the academy hope to follow in his footsteps and train the next World Champion.

Whether you just want to get your fitness up or train to be the next champion, this is the place to be.



The Calzaghe Academy from William Spencer Draper on Vimeo.